Konya Seker's projects that will set a model for Turkey to develop stockbreeding at a regional level development:
Danabank and Panagro Taşağıl Breeding Farm

Investing in stockbreeding which is the sub-sector most supporting our main field of activity, we, as Konya Seker, is the Turkey’s most rapid growing organizations in stockbreeding for meat and milk. We carry out stockbreeding activities in 3 separate farms and continue our project design works for new production areas.

In 2006, we established Seker Sut Farm housing the breeding stocks for milk. We raise breeding stocks having a high milk yield in our plant with a capacity of 4,500 cattle. Besides, through the Embryo Production Center established under the roof of this plant, we will carry out activities of reclaiming broods in the regional and throughout Turkey with the transfer of the embryos to be produced from the pedigree male and female animals having a high yield of meat and milk.

Established in 2010 to raise high-yield meat broods as animals for breeding Taşağıl Breeding Farm has a dominant population of Angus with a capacity of 4,860 animals. With the new areas that we intend to add to the farm and other production centers, we aim to reach a capacity of 50 thousand breeding cattle.

We, as Konya Seker, have another farm model, which is Cattle Nursery. The cattle in our farm, which is called as Danabank (Cattlebank) by the producers due to the model that we use belong to the producers and is a model project aiming high-yield through mass care. Producers deliver their cattle in our plant and the mass husbandry of the animals is carried out under the supervision of the veterinarians and nutritionists. No product loss occurs in our plant equipped with milking and quick freezing units thanks to its technological advantages and in addition, mass input ensures a decrease in inputs costs.

We established our farm selling, by a bargaining power increased, the milk to the milk processing plants at the best price possible so that the balance remaining after the costs incurred for each animal will be paid to the producer. With our plant established under Cumpas A.S., we take care of 1000 cattle, 500 young cows and 500 milk cows, for the producers. With the increased demand due to the great attention of the producers in the region to the model in which the farmers having cattle in the nursery can access the information on and view the accounts for their stocks via Internet, we founded PANGEV A.Ş. to establish farms using the same model in joint ventures with the producers in different parts of Konya. Intending to establish farms which may be considered as the branches of the Danabank in the region and having started its first investment in farm in Gevrekli, Seydisehir, PANGEV carries out its project activities in some regions in which demand is concentrated and the farms of PANGEV for stockbreeding for meat will be established under the name of Tosunbank.